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Hey, Sunsets In my Slippers, great name!
I stumbled across your site while I was looking for Idyllwild. Loved the shots. Convinced me would be worth a trip.
Have a great day,
We get sky like this all time here too. I tell people thay all different every night and hear they are!
Muchas gracias
New Mexico
I'm on the PCT, lots of people on the trail today so I just dropped down into Idy for a few things - cute little town, a bit artsy for me but you are right about the sunsets up here, just amazing, and it was good to find out why. They do make you feel more connected, you can't help it cos they are AWESOME!
The Pacific Crest Trail, FREEDOM, at least for the next coupla months!
Hello Adam and Barbara,
I found you cos I was looking for something sunny and wow! Love the videos, brought me much needed sunshine. Still cold and grey here!
Thanks, Janet
For me you capture the essence of Idyllwild.
Thank you,
San Diego
Wow great sunsets, what is this life if full of care we got no time to stand and stare, I love that, so much more poetic than chillax, cool site.
Orange County
A wall of natural color, so beautiful.
Beth, Maryland
Your site is very interesting. To capture so many beautiful sunsets from one place. Teaches us all to look and really see what lies before us. Thank you for sharing your work.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Great sunsets - love the penguins
Linda - Colorado Girl
Love the name, really sticks in your mind.
Sam, London
Hello Everyone,
Thank you for leaving such lovely messages on our Guestbook, they brighten our day and we really appreciate you getting in touch.
Also, thanks for finding us while we're still building the site, it's very encouraging.
Hope to hear from you again soon,
Adam & Barbara
A real delight, love the colours.
Else, Münich
What a surprise, a little gem of a website - we love Idyllwild.
Eric, Riverside County
Super site and lovely idea. I hope you have a successful and fun time with your business and much happiness in your life which has been inspiring to those like me who may have dreamt but lacked the courage!

And I loved seeing the photos of you both in the 'About Us' section :-)
Hi Adam and Barbara!
Just wanted to leave a message about the screenplay workshop today at the RSC! It was amazing! I always wanted to know more about the world of screenplay, as I would love to write for cinema, and I never had the opportunity to learn some tricks and skills as I did today! Very intresting and very inspiring! Workshops like this one are more intresting than reading books about it! It would be great to have the chance to have another wokshop at the RSC! Thank you so much!
Dear Adam & Barbara,

Your workshop today was fabulous, so much so that I have made it my priority to ensure I sign your guestbook to detail just how brilliant it was.

I am a young writer, who found the workshop incredibly inspiring and interesting. I lack some confidence in my own work and your confident and relaxed teachings made me realise that I should be more proud of what I create, and that I simply need to learn to hone my skills a little more and thankfully I found your workshop to help me do just that!

I do indeed plan on coming to your next one and do hope that the RSC ensure you are able to continue your brilliant work of inspiring those who have creativity in their hearts.

Kind Regards
Just a quick note to say your workshop at The Other Place on screenwriting was brilliant, and I look forward to your next workshop at the RSC. Your inside perspective on how to structure screenplays was very enlightening and the Q&A session particularly useful. Thanks very much for putting this on. Mark Lepkowski, Northampton
Hello Adam and Barbara,
Just a quick note to say I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop at Stratford. I've started working with some of the points and concepts and it has inspired me to write more, and improved it at the same time.
All the very best,
Dear Barbara and Adam,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the RSC a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved the Back to the Future workshop. Thank you so much for an inspiring, educational and entertaining afternoon! Can't wait for the Raiders one!

Best wishes,
Dear Adam and Barbara,

Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop you held at the RSC yesterday. I had the beginnings of an idea for a script but absolutely no clue on how to get started or how to construct the story. Now I have much more confidence, am brimming with ideas and can't wait to get started! Thank you so much for all your fantastic advice and encouragement. Hopefully I will see you next year at one of your scriptwriters meet-ups!

Hello, Adam and Barbara.
It was a pleasure to meet you both on 5th November, 2016 at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon. Thank you for an interesting, and enjoyable workshop, in which you explained in detail the screenwriting process and gave many great examples. I left the venue with the knowledge, and motivation, to attempt writing my 1st script. I would highly recommend your workshop to anyone else who is considering this. Thank you again, with very best wishes, Sharon Bradshaw
Sitting on a white cloud.

In the rain
a light is the
present to call
the desire and
a beautiful
dreamland: I see
in the darkness
a luminous star...

Francesco Sinibaldi
In the purity of a dream.
( other version )

Modest and
eminent virtue,
when the sun
goes away
and a yellowing
leaf touches the
ground with a
delicate movement
I can hear, in the
forest, the timid
attraction to the
light of your fate.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Quand le son disparaît...
( other version )

En marchant sur
le sentier qui traverse
la douce campagne
je médite sur le présent
qui rappelle une
sensation: c'est très
agréable décrire
la lumière qui
couvre le passage
de la brise qui

Francesco Sinibaldi

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