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Hi, my name is Adam Fox, professional photographer, director and screenwriter.

I've always loved sunsets, but when my wife Barbara and I moved from England to live in Southern California, my appreciation of them was taken to new heights, literally. Our home was at 5,500 feet, high in the San Bernardino National Forest above the beautiful alpine village of Idyllwild.

At that altitude, a mile up into the atmosphere, the huge Californian sun sets into crystal clear air and at a slightly different angle to sea level. This results in spectacular and extremely vivid sunsets, the like of which I had never experienced before. Every evening after work, I would wander out onto the west-facing deck at the back of the house and spend the "golden hour" with these amazing natural phenomena.

The simple fact is that all the sunsets in the collection were taken from that deck, in my slippers. I didn’t even have to leave the house to create this celebration of the western sky – one view, one camera, one pair of slippers.